Sash Ninovic

As a young boy, Aleksandar (or Sash as his mates call him) had his first ever experience with muscle cars when his parents sent him to the shops to buy some milk. It was on that very day that he saw an XY GT Falcon coming up the street making a hell of a good noise. "You could hear it for miles, it was awesome how the guy was shifting it through the gears", says Sash. It was from that point of that Sash had to find out more. Not long after this, he was again on his way to the shops (he bought a lot of milk back then!) when he happened to see another GT style XY Falcon parked in a laneway behind a business. He wanted to take a closer look and went into the shop to find the owner. It was from then on that he befriended the owner and began to hang out with him as often as possible. A few months later Sash casually asked him if he'd sell it. Surprisingly the answer was yes, and being that Sash was only 15 years old at the time, a little assistance from his Dad saw him purchase the XY. After getting his licence, he lovingly raced and modified it to the best of his abilities and never regrets his many hours spent under the bonnet. And what has become of the XY you ask? He still has it and probably won't ever part with it. Now that it's powered by a 410ci Procharged engine that makes around 1000hp, he says it's a bit of fun and gets him from A to B.

Sash Ninovic

Having been on the pointy end of the performance engine and vehicle building scale for roughly 15 years, AN Racing have developed and built many fast and powerful customer cars for both the street and the drag strip. With and eye for detail and a passion for doing things the right way, AN Racing’s owner Sash is adamant that he will only work on a car if it is done correctly without cutting corners. This is evident in the show and it adds flavour and anticipation as the viewers watching these awesome cars being built.

Sash's own race car which he regretfully parted with a few years ago was a full chassis XF Falcon powered by an 359ci Boss style setup. Featuring an SVO block, SVO heads and Kinsler mechanical injection it made 750 horsepower on alcohol and propelled both Sash and the car down the track in 8.5-seconds at 165mph.

The XF!

Since being star of "The Muscle Car Shop", Sash has gone on to other TV conquests recently competing on Fox8's "Blood Sweat and Gears". Being a gun driver and a gear car builder, Sash and the XY came second outright only being beaten by a monster WRX race car. An awesome effort for a car with masses of power and still the same style suspension and brake package Ford released it with. Click on the video below to see Sash in action!

The XF!


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